Friday, August 15, 2008

How to be a People Magnet

How do you want to be seen? Creative, smart, and kind? Well, at least that’s what my partner came up with during a networking workshop I attended Wednesday. Hosted by Professionals in the City, " How to be a People Magnet" was geared at, not only giving you tips on how to work a room, but how to attract the right kind of attention based on how you present yourself to the rest of the world.

With all of the networking and social events I attend, I figured it couldn’t hurt to get some tips on making those connections stick. So, I showed up to the John Hopkins DC Campus all smiles and ready to go. The presenter, Katherine Thompson a consultant for The McCormick Group, was a tiny little ball of energy. Besides being extremely funny, she was exceptionally knowledgeable on the topic.

She walked us through a series of "magnetizing principals" and gave us pointers on how to stand out in a crowd. Katherine also answered questions on the proper way to follow up after an initial contact. A lot of it came down to having a strong understanding of who you are and being intentional on how you present that to the rest of the world. It was also about making other people feel valued and respected. This goes for both your professional and personal life.

The workshop lasted two hours and the ticket was about $20 through goldstar. I’d say it was time and money well spent. While I like to believe I have the basics of networking down, it definitely didn’t hurt to hear fresh point of view on the topic.

Hey, even a guru must seek out wisdom from somewhere!

Looking for a little enlightenment of your own? Check out Professionals in the City's upcoming seminar " Getting to the Next Level of Your Life" on August 26th.


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