Sunday, October 12, 2008

All Aboard the Odyssey!

Earlier this year Entertainment Cruises, the largest family of dining and entertainment cruises, held an open house announcing their acquisition of Odyssey and Spirit Cruises. Guests were free to roam the entire fleet and sample full menus aboard each ship. Although the ships never departed the SW waterfront, it was a total trip. I was very impressed by the service and the food was great!

So, expectations were high when I stepped aboard the Odyssey Friday night for a 3 hour tour-yes, a three hour tour- and dinner, of course. The weather was perfect and I was in excellent company. As we were escorted to our table the "house" band, Chane Link, was already warming up. We had a cozy little table for two romantically adorn with rose petals. The meal consisted of 4 courses; appetizer, starter, main course, and dessert. The food was good and the presentation was excellent. The staff was very attentive. I seriously recommend the pork chop. In between courses we headed out to the deck to watch the sunset and enjoy the view of the monuments as we passed.

As dinner wrapped up and we headed back to the waterfront, Chane Link increased the tempo mixing in a few dance numbers with the standard top 80 love songs. They were really fantastic. There were many people celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. There was even a wedding taking place in the private dining room. The atmosphere on the Odyssey made it feel like a really special night even though, for me and my dining partner, it was just another Friday.

The price of the cruise is a little steep, between $78.34 and $126.22 depending on the day and time of day. Before you book through their site, look for discounted tickets at GoldStar.Com. They typically run between $47.00 - $76, which makes the night much more affordable. It's well worth checking out for your next special occasion.

Odyssey Cruises
Gangplank Marina
6th and Water Street
Washington, DC

Get out there and live fabulously! You deserve it!

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