Monday, December 1, 2008

Capitol Visitor Center Opens Tomorrow!

The Capitol Visitor Center (CVC) is scheduled to re-open on Dec. 2nd. Until earlier this year I was completely unaware of the running joke about how long the project has taken. The center, which was conceived over 40 years ago, has faced numerous set backs since its ground breaking in 2000. Too bad I had to find out about this while making small talk with the Assistant Architect of the Capitol during an event I coordinated a few months ago. I innocently asked him, “So, how’s the Visitor Center coming?” Well, as the center nears completion, he must be feeling pretty good. I had a chance to get a preview of the space and I can certainly say good things come to those who wait or rather, take the time to get it right.

To learn more about the CVC and my special preview of the space go to

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.elle denise. said...

I must make my way on up there.