Friday, January 30, 2009

Wedding inspiration from the big screen

Time is running out to catch Rachel Getting Married in theaters. The film, which opened last fall, is an almost voyeuristic look into the life of a family facing lingering heartache in the mist of a celebration. Kym, the estranged daughter played by Anne Hathaway, returns from rehab to take part in her sister Rachel’s wedding. It is immediately evident that Kym is dealing with some major demons and the rest of the family has a few issues of their own. This story of a family in crisis plays out against a backdrop of one of the most eclectic and personal weddings I’ve ever seen onscreen.

Don’t get me wrong, Rachel Getting Married tells a great story. I laughed. I cried. Seriously, I cried. However, I just couldn’t help but be a tad focused on the details of the multiple day celebration leading up to a wedding and reception that makes other onscreen nuptials look stale and cliché. I even thought of digging through my bag to find a pad and paper to jot down all the many things I loved- from the Shari bridesmaids’ dresses to the Mardi Gras style dancers and steel drums. Paper lanterns, tents, roaming musicians, wild flowers, and bright orange leis, culminated with an all night dance party featuring music from all over the globe. Not only was it a celebration of the couple and their love, but it was almost as if the two families were falling in love as well.

There were so many things done right. For those just starting out or in the mist of planning your wedding, go see this movie. Get inspired and excited about this wonderful time in your life. A wedding doesn’t have to be pristine and frilly. It can be layered, rich, and full of character. If you learn one thing from this movie note that Rachel made a smart choice and hired a professional planner. A multiple day extravaganza is not the time to rely on your inner Martha Stewart.
Grab your pad and paper and hit the theater to catch a good film and a GREAT wedding.

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