Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Toolkit Tuesdays

Every Tuesday I’ll be bringing you the latest and greatest products to add to your event planner toolkit. I like to call it "Toolkit Tuesdays." From décor to software, or the most effective spot remover, I’ve got you cover!

This week’s product is the super discrete and fantastically portable, Colgate Wisp. I’ve lugged around a toothbrush for years along with my stash of gum and mouthwash at work. Fresh breath is not only important to you as a planner, but also for your clients. Whether they’re the CEO about to make a big announcement or a nervous bride about to walk down the aisle, no one wants bad breath to come between them and their big moment. Colgate Wisp to the rescue!

Wisp is a disposable toothbrush that you can use anytime, anywhere, without water. While I’d still recommend keeping your hygiene routine hidden behind the bathroom door, I found the Wisp to be quite convenient and effective. Simply remove the little plastic brush from its individual foil pack and brush like usual. The tiny plastic bristles sweep away food particles that can cause that yucky mouth feeling. Remember, they are plastic, so you don’t want to apply too much force. As you brush, a tiny bead containing a mouth freshening liquid bursts to help fight bad breath. The Wisp also has a tiny pick on the end that you can use on more stubborn food particles. When you’re done there’s no need to rinse. Just toss the Wisp and go.

What’s the verdict? The Wisp rates high on the convenience scale. It’s individually packaged so it can literally fit in your event planner toolkit. (If you don’t have one, what are you waiting for?!) While it did leave me with a fresher feeling mouth, it certainly didn’t feel as clean as a good old fashion brushing. I’d definitely use it on the go and keep a few on hand for clients in their time of need.

Wisps would be a great addition to a take way bag, especially when you know people are heading out to something else after your event, or display in a bowl in the restroom as an added convenience for guests. I'm sure any conference attendee would appreciate a Wisp included with their boxed lunch.

For more info: Find Colgate Wisp at your local drug store. They retail at a little over $2 for a pack of 4 and around $8 for a pack of 16. Get the answer to other questions HERE.

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