Friday, March 19, 2010

NFL Players talk sex, love, and relationships at Jin Lounge

First, let me admit that I don't watch football. I'm not opposed to it. I just don't watch it. I've been to one Red Skin's game and I've caught bits and pieces of the Super Bowl every year. Sure, what's not to love? Well toned men running around in tight pants. I can dig it. There are few things I can watch for 3 hours.

But, when I got invited to the taping of episode 5, season 3 of The Turn On Spot with special guests Devin Thomas, wide receiver for the Washington Redskins, and Bret Lockett, defensive back for the New England Patriots, I was still kinda excited to see these guys in person and interested in hearing what two professional athletes had to say about love and relationships. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised as Thomas and Lockett seemed like two pretty cool guys. They both spoke about the importance of family and their views on inner beauty.

During the “Hotbox”, a naughty little game where guests pull items from a box and say the first thing that comes to mind, Devin took one look at this little red number and was thinking about coming home to his woman after a long day at practice. Brett said, "It reminds me of Valentine's Day and I didn't have a valentine this year." If you think that's hard to believe, later Lockett pulled out a leather journal which made him think of his favorite movie, The Notebook. Really? The Notebook. Ahhhhh

Bret later treated host Charlotte Burley (and all of us) to a mini-peep show, delivering on a promise to take off his shirt. There was no use in pretending not to look. Come on. Working out is in the man's contract. His abs were insane. But seeing his chiseled physique was just icing on the cake. Honestly Bret, you had me at The Notebook.
For the full episode, including DC-based event planner and personal stylist George Worrell’s take on true beauty, watch Wed., March 24 at .

The Turn On is taped in front of a live audience at Jin Asia Caribbean Soul Lounge in the historic U Street Corridor. It's metro accessible and has amazing wings.

JIN Lounge
2017 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC

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