Thursday, March 18, 2010

Peep these Easter products

In previous posts I’ve spouted off about my love of all things Paperchase, a UK based stationary company. If you’ve ever been to Borders, you’ve probably seen their brightly colored reusable bags, mugs, photo albums, paper products, and holiday themed trinkets dominating the gift section. I’m always excited to see what they’ve come up with around the various holidays. I was in the Silver Spring Borders this weekend and was pleased as punch to see their spring products on display.

I love how these little birdy clips are packaged  kinda sorta like Peeps. You probably shouldn’t eat these (either)!

Forgo the old fashion Easter basket and fill these felt bunny bags with holiday treats!

These glittery pastel eggs would make a simple and fun center piece. Just use them to fill tall glass cylinders, hang from tree branches, as filler in the base of a floral arrangement, or tucked into a grass centerpiece like this one from Relish Magazine.

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