Friday, July 23, 2010

What happens when graphic designers need a vacation

I'm all for simple, classic, elegance but this wedding invitation might just take that concept a little too far. When I stumbled upon this at Borders over the weekend, I could almost hear the shotgun in the background.

A born problem solver, I instantly went into creating scenarios on how this plain jane and utterly boring folded card could possibly work. Maybe personalized handwritten notes....swap out the envelopes for something a bit more creative...print the invitation details on a whisper thin silver linen paper and insert it into the card...have a seal or monogram created to add to the front...use a heart or letter shaped hole punch...or just burn the entire pack and start from scratch. Regardless, it would take some work to make these remotely personal.

Your wedding is a big day. Take more than 5 minutes to choose an invitation that reflects you and your future spouse. There are interesting and affordable options out there if you're willing to roll up your sleeves and get a little crafty.  However, if you do some soul searching and still feel that "WEDDING" on a folded white card is how you want to alert your nearest and dearest of your very special event, more power to you. They're available at Borders in packs of 8.

How would you salvage this ho-hum invitation?


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