Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The New Holiday Collection at West Elm

I'm in love with West Elm's new holiday collection! It's so beautiful I honestly want to buy up the store.  Their fall/winter entertaining collection is truly something you could make work all year. The lines are clean and simple. The prints are playful and whimsical yet very very chic. I love how they use metallic in a way that still feels unfussy and earthy.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces that you can use now, throughout the holiday, and in many cases throughout the year:

I'm I the only one that finds birds kind of creepy? I thought these would be great year round but especially at a very grown up Halloween party.

Love the use of metallics here. Gold and white is just so versitile. These would look fabulous as for Thanksgiving or Christmas entertaining.

Obviously these are great winter plates, but they may also work for Halloween. I have this whole black and white with red accents Halloween party idea in my head just waiting to jump out. Who says you can't move away from the traditional orange and black and do something a little unexpected. Maybe that will be my next post!

More fun usage of metallics.....

Simple and lovely details...

A couple fun holiday themed serving trays....

A new look at the fall harvest table. These recylced spanish glass bottles do double duty as candle holders and bud vases.


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