Saturday, August 9, 2008

KIPP KIPP Hooray!!!

I hope that some you made it out to the KIPP DC fundraiser at Tryst Coffee House, Bar, and Lounge this past Tuesday. KIPP DC is working hard to provide educational support to students in DC Charter Schools. I’ve never been to Tryst, so I was surprise to find a charming little hot stop in the middle of Adams Morgan. The place was packed with KIPP Supporters and coffee house drones alike. A donation of $5 got you a glass of some super delicious sangria and a raffle ticket for KIPP laden merch. Downside, one glass per customer! I mean come on people, it’s for the kids. I must say I was moved to fork over a little extra dough after viewing the KIPP DC film of students their program supports. It really brought tears to my eyes! They’re doing wonderful things in the DC community and I wish them the best of luck.

As for the venue, I think I’m the only person in DC that hasn’t discovered this place. I must admit that I tend to stay a little closer to the hill and my college years of strolling Adams Morgan are long gone. I’d totally make the trip back to Tryst. I enjoyed the bustling atmosphere and the bartenders were great. The d├ęcor is cute and eclectic with lots of little nocks and crannies to get lost in. This place is perfect for a casual meeting or even a date. I’d stay away on the weekend. I get the feeling this place gets REALLY crowded.

Interested in donating to KIPP DC?
Send a check made payable to KIPP DC to:

Lauren Evans
KIPP DC: KEY Academy
4801 Benning Rd SE
Washington, DC, 20019

Learn more about KIPP DC at:
Learn more about this venue, Tryst Coffee House, Bar, and Lounge at:

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