Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Too Cute Party Products!

I love finding super cute, totally unique party accessories. So, when I caught wind of SpoonSisters.Com on the morning news, I was in product heaven. This place has affordable, cleaver, and down right hilarious products for just about any occasion. I was particularly smitten with the Snap-a-Party, an all in one plate and utensil combo perfect for any casual outdoor get together. Pair that with the nifty Dress for Dinner Napkin and you’re set to go. Stop by the site to get inspired for your next soirĂ©e or to pick up a truly original hostess gift!

On a completely unrelated and somewhat random note, I couldn’t resist posting a picture of these High Heels for Babies! I had to giggle at the thought of how unbelievably weird, yet somehow cute these things are!

What’s your favorite party product site?


1 comment:

Dwayne M said...

What kind of person would put their infant in heals. A crazy person, that's who.