Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The "Maverick" is hitting the big screen at Buzz Barkery-Thursday, Sept. 4th

Buzz Host's Republican Convention Telecast Party
Senator McCain's Presidential Nomination Speech

Thursday, September 4
8:00 PM
After successfully hosting an event for Obama's speech, Buzz was contacted by McCain's people to do the same. So come one, come all for beer, wine and signature Convention Cocktails along with special McCain cupcakes designed just for the occasion.

Regarding the politics...
I recently had the chance to watch a CNN special report on both Obama and McCain and I was really surprised at how much I didn't know about these two. I'm all about being as informed as possible before I go to the polls this Fall. So while I haven't necessarily been shy regarding my excitement over Obama's nomination, I'm willing to hear what McCain has to say. Too bad I'll have to tivo this one, I have an event of my own tomorrow night.

As for the venue...
For those of you who haven't been to Buzz, this is a great chance to check out a really fun space with fantastic desserts. Buzz is a member of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group (owners of restaurants such as Evening Star, Vermilion, and Rustico). During the day this place is a popular hang out for young families with children clamoring about in the carpeted play area. Later in the evening, Buzz takes on more of a lounge atmosphere with a sizable bar offering, a few savory delights, and enough desserts to make you kick your diet for the night.

Go! Have fun. Learn something. Meet some Republicans. Come back and tell me how it went!

Bakery. Coffee. Lounge.
901 Slater’s Lane
Alexandria, Virginia


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