Thursday, October 9, 2008

Support your party with a PARTY!

Election day is drawing near and people are gearing up for a historic moment no matter how things turn out. What better way to mark the occasion than with a political or election themed get together. Whether you’re throwing a campaign event in support of your favorite candidate or just inviting a few friends over to watch Tina Fey’s satires of Sarah Palin, there are all sorts of ways to make the night special.
These political chocolates from DeBrand Fine Chocolates would be a prefect addition to your campaign party. The individual bars would be great on a serving tray or in a gift bag.

These boxed chocolates, which include an insert that can fit a business card or small personal message, could serve as a gift or even be mailed as an invitation to a more formal event.
What campaign themed event would be complete without the perfect cocktail! Check out for creative and classic Campaign Cocktails like the Compassionate Conservative or the Red, White, and Blue Martini. You could even mix it up with a non-alcoholic juice bar featuring blue berry and cherry flavored drinks with fresh fruit garnish.
Whatever you're drinking will go perfectly with donkey and elephant shaped cookies or these photo printed ones featuring either McCain or Obama from
While I’m sure they’ll be plenty of lively conversation to keep the night going, you may want to add in some fun activities like a mock election with some of your guests as the candidates or maybe put together your own campaign quiz game. Check out for facts on the campaign or ChatterBean.Com for a printable election quiz. I probably don’t even have to mention the possibilities for a "Maverick" drinking game.

If you’re running low on red, white, and blue d├ęcor head over to PlumParty.Com for everything you’ll need to get your space looking patriotic.
Just remember to play nice and, of course, get out there and VOTE!!

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