Monday, October 20, 2008

Unique Lighting Ideas From

I have some more phenomenal products to share with you from, a really unique little website featuring delicate metal pieces, functional art, and eye catching lighting. Let this place be the inspiration for your next home improvement project, event decor, or gift idea. A+R is not cheap by any means, but sometimes you have to pay for that one of a kind piece that's going to make a real statement. Even if you can't afford A+R's selection, their interesting point of view can certainly serve as a foundation for your next creative undertaking.

Here are a few of my picks from A+R's lighting department and some suggestions on making each look your own on a budget:
With Halloween right around the corner, I thought this candle holder would be a creepy little conversation starter. You could even make your own affordable version out of severed baby doll heads by inserting a small candle holder inside. I'd use the hairless variety and keep an eye out to make sure you don't have a flaming head on your hands!
Qubus Design's Little Joseph Candle Holder

These brightly colored candles are all wax- tip to base! These would work well as a part of a table setting or adorning a mantle. Don't worry, each candle contains a metal plate which extinguishes the flame when it gets too low. The colors are so bold! I love it. Get a similar look by matching bright colored candle holders with tapered candles or spray painting the bases to match.
Check holiday party lighting off your list with this elegant and spectacular design. Constructed from multiple layers of extruded polyester cut to resemble a bird’s wing, Icarus casts an unforgettable silhouette. Flawless! Another fun piece that can be recreated on the cheap by using some large feathers or angel wings from a crafts store.

Looking for something a little more traditional for your holiday party? Try this....
Can't you almost hear the choir singing? Imagine this handing over your beautifully decorated holiday table. The garland is pliable and comes flat for you to bend and shape as you'd like. Available in silver, brass, black chrome, and winter white to match any decor! Try this at home with some store brought garland ( they come in large rolls at the craft store) and basic white Christmas lights.

This weather proof jar is literally charged by the sun! Its hidden nicad battery continually absorbs sunlight to charge three LED's and automatically begins to glow in darkness. I can totally see this lining the walkway to your front door on Halloween or speckled throughout an evening garden party. This is certainly a simple one to make or your own if you have the time. Just slide some led lights into frosted jars. You could even used colored lids, stencil on shapes, or use a variety of different jars to work in other elements of your decor.
This bendable candelabra is simple and classic but with a touch of fun and fresh modernism. The candle holders are made of soft, molded rubber and you can reconfigure the candles in shape you like. On a budget? Simulate some of the visual interest of this piece by joining individual candle holders together with wired ribbons.

Check out the site for yourself:

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