Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where, When, and How Do I Get In: 2009 Inaugural Events

It's 75 days to the big event and plans are already underway for what is sure to be a day to remember. On January 20th, Barack Obama will take the oath of office and people from all over the world will descend upon Washington to take part in the festivities. The theme, "A New Birth of Freedom", was announced via a press release earlier today. Soiree savvy Washingtonians are already on the hunt to stake their claim to inauguration, parade, and gala tickets. So, where will you be when the rest of town (or should I say the "blue-loving" WORLD) is out celebrating?

While very little information is available at this time about the myriad of galas and parties, tickets for the parade can already be purchased online with prices starting at $495, and VIP seating close to the White House available for over $1,700. YIKES! Hope that comes with heated seats and a face to face with the man himself! Based on the tremendous reaction on Tuesday night, I doubt they'll have any trouble filling spots. So, get 'em while they're hot or you could be watching this one from home.

This official Senate site has an overview of the day as well as weekly photos of the construction of the inaugural platform in front of the Capital.

Not quite willing to fork over your life savings to stand 2 blocks away from the stage in the freezing cold? There are sure to be lots of volunteer opportunities available to assist in working the event. Apparently, Beyonce has already offered up her vocal skills free of charge. For the rest of us lowly shower singers, I found this post on Not sure if it's legit though, so respond at your own risk. I'd also keep a close eye on Obama's site for calls for volunteers. This is predicted to be one of the biggest events to ever take place on the National Mall. They're sure to need a few extra hands to make it happen.

In your search for the golden ticket, one thing you don't want to do is call the office of Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton. Check out this message on her website asking that registered DC voters send an e-mail to to request tickets instead of calling her office. I found it kind of funny. I picture some poor little intern on the verge of tears being bombarded by phone calls.

For all you DC Metro dwellers, thank heavens that you don't have to try to find a hotel anywhere near the district that week! For the 18 Marriot hotels in the area, the cheapest room is going for $500 a night according to

I'll keep you posted if I hear of any other opportunities to witness this historic event up close and personal without having to sell your Special Edition of the Washington Post on Ebay. There are also sure to be lots of DC hot spots hosting events that are a little more budget conscious.

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