Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fast and Fabulous Holiday Drinks

If you're still looking for some simple and delicious drinks for your holiday party, check out DeKuyper Burst Bar Shots and two fabulous drink recipes from Canadian Club. These are sure to keep you partying long after midnight......

Chill and Serve Drink Shots

DeKuyper Burst Bar Shots are a new line of ready-mixed shots available in 3 flavors - Red Headed Burst, Kamikaze Burst and Washington Apple - that just require you to chill and serve. Burst Shots are easy and inexpensive - always a good combination! They are a great short-cut (you don't need tons of alcohol and mixers and don't have to spend the entire party playing bartender) and they are affordable (buying a few different liquors and separate mixers can be pricey). No need to let your guest know they came from a bottle - you can transfer them into a trendy carafe or dress them up with garnishes. Retail price is $10.99.

Holiday Drink Recipes from Canadian Club

Every holiday party has eggnog and hot toddies, but Canadian Club has created some new recipes this year to spice up your holiday party and the entire holiday season.

Hot Apple Pie

1 part Canadian Club 12 Classic

½ part Tuaca

2 ½ parts Hot Apple Cider

Build in a coffee mug.

Top with whipped cream dust with cinnamon.

Holiday Pie

1 part Canadian Club 12 Classic

1 part Star Bucks Cream

Hot Chocolate

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Pour first two ingredients into a pre-heated coffee mug and top with steaming hot hot chocolate.

Garnish with a dash of Pumpkin Pie Spice

(post courtesy of Kimberly Moniz, an Account Executive at SHIFT Communications)

Happy New Year and please drink responsibly :)

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