Sunday, March 14, 2010

Design Cusine Tasting Event

This has been quite the lazy weekend. Although my living room is still full of boxes from my recent move, a slight case of the sniffles and the less than spectacular weather has kept me chained to my laptop and tuned to TNT. After the over indulgence of this week, what I should be doing is hitting the gym.

Thursday night one of the top caterers in the Metro area, Design Cuisine hosted a tasting event titled Give Eat a Chance, at their Northern Virginia showroom. On the guest list, local vendors, planners, and potential clients. The word decadent would fall short of describing the feast they treated us all to. We sat patiently in their various kitchens watching chefs prepare and serve miniature versions of Design's menu. We noshed our way through breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections while sipping specialty cocktails and chatting about the DC event scene.

Chef Andy entertained us for lunch with a mixture of classic and whimsical creations. The corn dog is all grown up in this shrimp version with spicy purple mustard.

Simple and fresh grilled asparagus

Crispy skinned grilled tuna

Guests discuss their favorites

One of my favorites of the night, a perfectly done rhubarb and vanilla souffle

Like a work of art, these bite sized Eggs Benedict

A complete cesar salad in one (or two) delicious bites

Sweet apple fritters with carmel icecream

Shrimp ravioli on a bed of purple rice

YUM! And with that...I am off to the gym.

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