Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Piratz lunch for me

A friend and I stopped by the Piratz Tavern in downtown Silver Spring for lunch today. If you've never been, it's worth a trip if you have kids or are still a kid at heart. It's so yucky out today, it was kinda fun to disappear into what just might be any little 5 year old boy's dream. The food is not the best I've ever tasted, but I enjoyed the waitstaff's' accents and costumes, the noon to 7pm happy hour specials, and the pirate themed cocktails.

Here's a look at the tavern's entry way.

D enjoyed his fruity pirate worthy cocktail and...

I enjoyed my pirate worthy cocktail.

This fountain was actually pretty cool looking and help to mask the god awful pirate rap cd that was playing.
We got to dine with this well dressed fellow...

....and this little fellow who kept popping by due to a fascination with the fountain we were sitting next to.

He was even cuter in person! Guess I forgot to mention the fabulous eye patches they giveaway. He was nice enough to put his on for my picture.

Yes, Piratz Tavern hosts parties. They had actually just finished up one when we came in. Thank goodness we missed that. I love the children. But 20 of them hopped up on sugar pretending to be pirates may have put me over the edge. I did ask the waitress about their party offerings and she mentioned that they do an interactive presentation on the history of sword fighting. Good old educational fun! All the kids get plastic swords to take home and practice their skills. Completely non-violent, no. Harmless fun, yes.


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