Monday, May 24, 2010

Pitango Gelato Opens in Penn Quarter

Pitango Gelato is officially open for business in DC's Penn Quarter and already has people lining up to try their selection of organic frosty treats. I stopped by this afternoon for a test drive and I must say I'm sold. It's really hard to go wrong with flavors like chocolate hazelnut, banana, and bourbon vanilla. Before the opening of this location , Pitango's second in the district, they'd been delighting customers at their P Street store and local farmer's markets for the past year. They promise to take your organic ice cream experience to the next level by going the extra mile to use quality ingredients like grass-fed organic milk, specially flown in Bronte Pistachios, fresh fruit, and premium chocolate.

With limited space within the shop, Pitango's decor is simple and clean. Gelato flavors are framed on the wall. 

I thought these little window seats were a cute idea. A great way to use the limited space they have to offer some seating  and also to advertise their product and draw people inside!

So, stop by Pitango's and let me know what you think.


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