Thursday, August 19, 2010

Single Girl's Supper: Shirmp, Feta, and Tomato Bake

A few days ago, I had a friend over that's visiting the states for the summer and I wanted to impress him with my ever evolving cooking skills. There's something about baking that makes a meal instantly seem ten times more complicated and special. So, I got my fabulous oven mitts out of the drawer and set to work making an extra special dinner of baked shrimp, feta, and tomato.

This meal may seem complicated but, with a few shortcuts, this puppy was on the table in about a half hour. 

I started with 3 servings of frozen shrimp that I thawed according to the package instructions. I seasoned them with a bit of chili powder, salt, and pepper and sauteed them for about 4 minutes. Next I prepared one package of Alexia Select Sides, Roasted Red Potatoes, and Italian Inspired Vegetables in a skillet according to package instructions.  (On a side note, I'm infatuated with Alexia's products. Their spicy sweet potato fries are a dream. Their select sides were launched earlier this year and I've tried every variety. They're super convenient and tasty.)

Moving the prepared vegetables, I added fresh chopped cherry tomatoes (that I'd picked up from the farmer's market that morning), and chopped fresh spinach. I mixed everything, the shrimp and the vegetables together and pour the mixture into a baking dish. 
Over the mixture I poured a little white wine and some olive oil. Then I sprinkled the dish with crumbled feta cheese. Finally I popped it into an over at 350 for about 15 minutes. You'll know it's ready when the cheese softens and starts to brown. I served it over brown rice.

It was absolutely delicious and only took 30 minutes to prepare. My guest went back for seconds and thirds!


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