Monday, November 17, 2008

Lenscape Opening at the Zenith Gallery

Friday's opening of the Lenscape Exhibition Opening Reception at the Zenith Gallery, drew a small crowd of photography lovers. Part of the first annual FotoWeek DC , the exhibition features the work of David Glick and Colin Winterbottom. Their collection of stunning international landscapes captured two very distinctive points of view and striking contrasts in their usage of light. The large framed images as well as reprints were available for purchase for around $3,000 for the framed works and $750 for the prints.

While the artwork at the Zenith was wonderful, the reception left much to be desired. When I arrived there was no one around to greet guests entering the gallery or direct us to a coat rack in the corner. The opening exhibition was tucked away in the back of the gallery. A woman, I believe was the manager, sat at a computer desk in the middle of the space typing away instead of interacting with attendees. Refreshments included a few bowls of snack mix, water, and wine.

Not sure if this a typical reception at the Zenith, or if budget cuts have had their impact. In these lean economic times, I understand scaling back on some of the bells and whistles, but a small budget shouldn't effect the hospitality you show your guests. After all, greeting people as they enter and taking the time to walk around and say hello is free! It's hard enough to get people to attend events these days. Once you get them in your space you need to make an effort to keep them coming back, regardless of how good your "product" is.

Zenith Gallery
413 7th Street, NW
Washington, DC

To preview the exhibition go to:
For more information on FotoWeek DC, check out my earlier post and go to their website to register!

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