Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Trip to the Polls- Today's Hottest Venue

I hope that you have all made or are planning to make your way to your local library, church basement, school or wherever you may be voting on this election day. The polls are really the place to see and by seen today. I must have ran into half of the people that live in my apartment building this morning as well as a few familiar faces from my morning metro ride. While I wouldn't call my voting venue fabulous (unless I missed the memo that burgundy carpeting and wood paneling are making a comeback) I would say I felt pretty fabulous casting my ballot. This morning was one of the few times that I actually felt like a true part of the community and it felt darn good. Maybe I'll plant a tree or sign up to volunteer somewhere before all this civic duty euphoria wears off.

While the polls might be the hot spot of the day, the rest of the night will be a toss up between a plethora of local venues hosting viewing parties tonight. Check out the links below for the latest info on where to be seen rock'n your "I VOTED" sticker this evening.

Election-Watch Party Planning from Going Out Gurus at WashingtonPost.com. If you're looking to dance away the crazy of the last 2 years, check out DC Fab for details on events at places like Eyebar and The Park. Here's a long list of "top spots" from The Culture Blog. Last but not least, if you're a member of MEETUP.com you've probably already heard the buzz around the combined city wide event at Zanzibar on the Water Front. Go to HERE for more info.



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