Thursday, July 29, 2010

DIY: Bedroom Redo

The picture of the bed frame from craigslist
I've been living at my current place for about 6 months and have done very little decorating in the bedroom. I'm hardly ever in there. I sleep, get dressed, and that's about it. But, I've always wanted a really stylish, girlie space to relax in. 

So, I've been channeling my inner Martha Stewart lately and have decided to redo my boring little boudoir. I've purchased a few small decor items, but my first big find was this weekend. I scored a brass bed frame on craigslist. It has these beautiful little cream colored porcelain-ish details that I just fell in love with.

I must admit to feeling some buyer's remorse on the drive home after I saw how much work it needed, but that's where my inner Martha comes in. It's amazing what a little spray paint can do. I'll be working on it this weekend and will share pics of what I hope will be a dazzling transformation.


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